An innovative Finance major at the College of William & Mary, with a flair for freelance graphic design, I harmoniously fuse business strategy and visual artistry to bring visionary ideas to life.

I've always had a deep respect for client relationships, seeing each one as a unique mix of ideas, dreams, and challenges. My goal is to bring their visions to life, building trust and achieving shared success along the way.
I've worked on brand identity, technology integration, and operations management, always striving for organization and modernity. I love finding ways to make things run smoothly and efficiently, which has shaped both my academic and professional paths.

But beyond all that, I have a long-held passion for cinematography and filmmaking. I’ve always been a visual person, deeply moved by the power of storytelling through film. My ultimate dream is to dive into the world of filmmaking, exploring all creative mediums and taking creativity seriously.
I'm excited about a future where I can combine my business acumen with my creative passions, creating meaningful and visually stunning work. Whether it's through film or other artistic endeavors, I believe in the magic of creativity and the impact it can have on people’s lives.